The Squash Committee are :-

Dave Leonard - Chairman

Mandy Forster - Secretary, Child Welfare Officer - Squash

Kevin Forster - Leagues, Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, Website,

   Squash Subsciptions & England Squash Level 2 Coach

Tracey Coats - Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, England Squash Level 2   Coach

Mick Barnes - Team Representative

Ian Davies - House Committee

Tommy Elves - Squash Committee Member

Marc Shipley - Squash Committee Member & Squash Finance, Team Rep.

Neil Woodward - Squash Committee Member



   Boldon Cricket & Squash Club


Squash Committee Meeting 9th April 2018

1 Attendance   Dave Leonard, Tracey Coats, Marc Shipley, Kevin Forster, Mandy Forster,

                        Neil Woodward. [Alan Snaith, observer]


2 Appologies   Ian Davies, Mick Barnes, Tommy Elves


3 Minutes of Last Meeting     Accepted


4 Matters Arising

4.1       Ball games continuing to be played against outside wall of squash court, despite the notice. Neil              stated he is one of many squash members annoyed at this. After a short discussion the                            committee agreed everyone must be vigilant and request people to desist from using balls in this            outside area.


5 Executive Update

5.1       Cleaning in the squash area particularly is still an ongoing issue to be progressed by the                         Executive Committee.


6  Squash Business            

6.1       Squash AGM held 9th April. Neil Woodward welcomed on to the squash committee.

6.2       Court 2 maintenance is an issue – refer to point 6.3. Chris Ellison approached for written                         estimate for glass balcony following last meeting but no response as yet therefore Kevin to                       pursue estimate elsewhere.

6.3       Sport England – application made by Dave to cover Court 2 refurbishment and Court 4                              alterations (glass back court wall, extension to area to install seating, disables access etc),                      awaiting outcome, may take approx. 6 weeks.

6.4       Team Celebration went well, event was well organised with good attendance. Dave reported he                had received good feedback from players about the team structure.


6.5       League outcomes:-

·         1st team promoted again in to League 2;

·         2nd team came third & just missed promotion;

·         3rd team promoted to League 6;

·         4th team developing well in League 7


6.6       Committee agreed to hold discussions in June or July about the teams going forward in the next             season. 

6.7       Club Championship starts 14th May, finals to be held on Saturday 26th May.


6.8       Kevin outlined the current problems in the internal leagues with the number of Walkovers and                 explained he has reduced the maximum number of points claimed to 4 for fairness. Committee                 agreed  Kevin should receive the reasons for Walkover claims.


6.9       Marc reported that Wazygoose has been paid their annual fee via the system, and Kevin is to                 progress payment of the England Squash Fees with the Treasurer.


7  Membership 

7.1       The current membership is 159 (up 3).


8  Health & Safety

8.1       Cleaning is still an ongoing issue to be pursued with the Executive Committee, particularly now that the Cricket season is underway and the showers will likely be (mis)used.