The Squash Committee are :-

Dave Leonard - Chairman

Mandy Forster - Secretary, Child Welfare Officer - Squash

Kevin Forster - Leagues, Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, Website,

Squash Subsciptions & England Squash Level 2 Coach

Tracey Coats - Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, England Squash Level 2 Coach

Mick Barnes - Team Representative

Ian Davies - House Committee

Tommy Elves - Squash Committee Member

Marc Shipley - Squash Committee Member & Squash Treasurer



   Boldon Cricket & Squash Club



SQUASH COMMITTEE MEETING Monday 8th January 2018

1.    Attendance  Dave Leonard, Kevin Forster, Mandy Forster, Tracey Coats, Marc Shipley, Ian Davies,                              Mick Barnes, Tommy Elves

2.     Apologies           None             

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting     None required as the meeting was only held to progress the Handicap                                     Competition

4.    Matters Arising


5.   Executive Update

5.1  The Club accounts are in a reasonably strong position.

5.2  A few jobs are still outstanding, namely the re-concreting of the area outside the bar; re-pointing at          the back of the Club; Court 2 refurbishment (to be started once the pointing is completed).

5.3 Decision made by Executive Committee to allow painting of parking bays in the car park.

6           Squash Business

6.1  Handicap Competition – 40 entries which is the best to date, won by Tommy Elves, runner-up                  Connor Snaith. Plate winner was Colin Woods, runner-up Ian Mapstone.

·         Hand drier in the Mens Changing Room; LED light replacement in the main Squash corridor; and            a new smoking heater replaced outside the bar area were all funded by the Handicap Competition          entry funds.

6.2  Team Nominations – all members to have England Squash numbers, a move endorsed by the                  Squash Committee.

6.3  Dave reported he is currently looking at a Sports Lottery Grant for funding to change Court 4 into a        glass back and install a seating area, and will report progress at the next meeting.

6.4  Kevin will report back on a previous email received from Court Care relating to the price for a glass          back court installation.

6.5  Quotes for re-pointing are to be progressed as quickly as possible.

6.6  Kevin reported that a quote for Court 2 refurbishment has been received - £4k for replacement floor        and £2k for the front wall.

6.7  Kevin reported that 12 members joined the annual 3 Racket Challenge that takes place between              Christmas and New Year. Simon Elsworth was the eventual winner after beating Tracey in the play-          off.

7      Membership  

7.1   Membership is currently 142, with a further 2 members likely to join this month.


          8      Health & Safety

          8.1 Cleaning – problems still ongoing, particularly the Ladies Squash shower area.

          Date of next meeting Tuesday 13th February 2018 at  7.15pm