The Squash Committee are :-

Dave Leonard - Chairman

Mandy Forster - Secretary, Child Welfare Officer - Squash

Kevin Forster - Leagues, Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, Website,

Squash Subsciptions & England Squash Level 2 Coach

Tracey Coats - Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, England Squash Level 2 Coach

Mick Barnes - Team Representative

Ian Davies - House Committee

Tommy Elves - Squash Committee Member

Marc Shipley - Squash Committee Member & Club Treasurer



   Boldon Cricket & Squash Club





1.    Attendance        Kevin Forster, Mandy Forster, Tracey Coats, Marc Shipley, Mick Barnes,                                                 Tommy Elves

2.     Apologies           Craig Myers, Dave Leonard, Ian Davies                  

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting               Accepted

4.    Matters Arising

 4.1  Court 2 useage  –   opened 7.30pm Friday 7th April and has taken £124 in bookings to date.                  However, a new heater is required.

5.   Executive Update

5.1   Marc reported that bills are being paid and accounts are in order.

5.2   Schedule of works discussed briefly, to be taken forward by Club Executive Committee.

         6       Squash Business

6.1    Cleaning regime problems – still to be addressed.

6.2    Still looking at possibility of putting out a fourth team next season.

6.3    Squash AGM 20th April – Mandy Forster joined squash committee as secretary and Child Welfare            Officer.

6.4   Championships began well on 8th May, final to be held on Saturday 20th May beginning at 5.30pm.

6.5    Summer Team – 9 volunteers, to be used on squad rotation basis. First game away at Eldon                    Leisure. Home games to be played on a Wednesday evening.

6.6    Ladies Changing Room – situation relating to men using the facilities is still being monitored.

6.7    Curtain rail and shower curtain fitted by Kevin in the Ladies Changing Room.

6.8    Refurbishment of courts 1,3 & 4 – side walls require painting and front walls need cleaning. To be           carried out before September. Cost per court (paint) is approx. £120.

6.9 Northumbria Squash AGM to be held 6th June – for information only.

7      Membership   

7.1   Membership is currently 149.

8      Health & Safety

8.1  Mandy is to raise a number of concerns with the Club Executive Committee expressed by                           squash members relating to H&S and also Child Welfare. These are as follows:-

·         The Fire Exit being left open next to the Ladies Changing Room (whilst junior members using the              facilities);

·         Safe egress from the Fire Exit is being compromised by Inconsiderate car parking next to the Fire            Exit;

·         Cricket Juniors, including girls, using cricket changing rooms with the door open to the men’s                   changing room whilst adult males were using the squash changing facilities.

·         Cricket player wearing spikes walking across the rubber floor in the squash changing room.


                                            Date of next meeting Monday 12th June at  7.15pm