The Squash Committee are :-

Dave Leonard - Chairman

Mandy Forster - Secretary, Child Welfare Officer - Squash

Kevin Forster - Leagues, Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, Website,

Squash Subsciptions & England Squash Level 2 Coach

Tracey Coats - Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, England Squash Level 2 Coach

Mick Barnes - Team Representative

Ian Davies - House Committee

Tommy Elves - Squash Committee Member

Marc Shipley - Squash Committee Member & Club Treasurer



   Boldon Cricket & Squash Club




1.    Attendance        Dave Leonard, Kevin Forster, Mandy Forster, Tracey Coats, Marc Shipley,

Ian Davies

2.     Apologies           Mick  Barnes                      

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting               Accepted

4.    Matters Arising


5.   Executive Update

5.1    Marc reported that bills are being paid and accounts are in order.

5.2    Money received from Marstons.

5.3    Schedule of works being taken forward by Club Executive Committee:

·         Quote received from Wearside Windows for replacement of function room windows, awaiting price           from Chris Ellison;

·         Prices received for Security lighting;

·         Work to renew pathways will be undertaken when cricket season finishes;

·         Non-priority works are not being done yet but will be reviewed in due course;

·         Membership card system not going ahead as costs are too prohibitive;

·         Marc is querying the price of tiles to assist progress of the insurance claim;

·         Executive Committee has agreed to the cost of both the heater for Court 2 and paint required for             Courts 1,3 and 4.

         6       Squash Business

6.1    Summer teams still going strong, 3 games left to play.

6.2    Decision needed by 15th July for 4th team – agreed to progress this although leaders required for            both 3rd and 4th teams.  It was also agreed to invite all interested parties to a Team discussion on            Wednesday 19th July at 7.15pm, Kevin to do mail shot.

6.3    Kevin confirmed the Squash Club is fully affiliated to England Squash.

6.4    A number of ladies are playing each Tuesday evening as a follow on from Squash Girls Can taking          place each Sunday morning. In response to a query about female membership Kevin confirmed              there are approximately 10 lady members playing regularly.

6.5    Refurbishment of courts 1,3 & 4 – to be carried out before September.

6.6    Kevin reported that Westoe Squash Club are to get new club premises and have plans for glass              back courts and a viewing area for at least 150 people in order to hold competitions and county             matches. Therefore it is imperative that we keep updating our facilities to both retain our current             membership and attract new members.  As part of this it was agreed that enquiries should be made         to find out costs of a glass back court on court 4 (Kevin to seek quotes) and Dave is to look into               funding from Sept/Oct 2017.

7      Membership   

7.1   Membership is currently 158, with a further 2 members likely to join this month.



                8      Health & Safety

                8.1Marc has received quotes from South Tyneside Council Cleaning Services, to be passed              on to the Executive Committee for progression. However, at a suggestion by Dave it was agreed              that the Executive Committee be asked to ensure that the existing cleaning staff be invited to                    tender a quote to the same specification as the Council Cleaning Services.

8.2          Baby Changing Facility fitted in Bar Ladies toilets.


                  Date of next meeting Monday 14th August at  7.15pm