The Squash Committee are :-

Dave Leonard - Chairman

Mandy Forster - Secretary, Child Welfare Officer - Squash

Kevin Forster - Leagues, Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, Website,

Squash Subsciptions & England Squash Level 2 Coach

Tracey Coats - Competitions, Junior Co-ordinator, England Squash Level 2 Coach

Mick Barnes - Team Representative

Ian Davies - House Committee

Tommy Elves - Squash Committee Member

Marc Shipley - Squash Committee Member & Club Treasurer



   Boldon Cricket & Squash Club



SQUASH COMMITTEE MEETING Monday 11th September 2017

1.    Attendance        Dave Leonard, Marc Shipley, Kevin Forster, Mandy Forster, Tracey Coats,                                                Mick Barnes

2.     Apologies           Ian Davies                           

3.    Minutes of Last Meeting               Accepted

4.    Matters Arising


5.   Executive Update

5.1    Marc reported that the accounts are all in order.

5.2    Dave reported that the current TV satellite agreement has been terminated; Sky has been re-                  activated; and BT Sport is to be installed.

5.3    Schedule of works being taken forward by Club Executive Committee:

·         Function room window replacement by Chris Ellison to be undertaken once the cricket season                finishes, along with the concrete replacement outside the bar area.

         6       Squash Business

6.1    Heater on Court 2 completed and paid for. However, PLG Engineering Ltd pointed out shortfalls in          other gas heater fittings which require a safety inspection. Dave has spoken to current gas service          engineers (Seaburn Gas Services) who can undertake this if we can provide scaffolding. Query              raised by Tracey whether Whites, who installed the other gas heaters, should be approached –              Dave to contact them for inspection costs.

6.2    Court 3 roof seal problems rectified by Boldon Felt Roofing who have also looked at other seals              and reported they are intact. However, the leak has caused slight warping of court 3 floor. Dave to          approach Joe Robinson about sanding the floor.

6.3    Team Update: Captains selected, but to be confirmed, for Teams 1,2 and 4 – Colin Woods; Barry            Turnbull and Russell Hughes respectively. Team 3 captain to be confirmed.

6.4    Final list of team names to be submitted to Northumbria league secretary by 25th September.

6.5    Marc attended the fixture meeting on 7th September and reported that many clubs have                          complained about the England Squash Registration, and as not many clubs are compliant ES may          not enforce it, however no final decision has yet been made. He also reported other slight changes          in rules concerning team nominations (which only affects our 1st team), and also the fact that the            onus is on the home team to have full details from the away team of the order of play.

6.6    Incident occurred between two squash members – Istvan Soos and Stuart Findlay. Dave to                     investigate and resolve issue.

 6.7   Court improvements – work on court 3 to start on 17th September, hopefully work on the warped              floor will have been completed by then. Feedback on court 4 improvements has been very                      positive.

6.8    Colin Dumble of CDTiling, has provided £250 sponsorship funding for team shirts. Kevin reported            that he should be able to obtain sufficient shirts for all the teams but not the reserves.

6.9    Kevin reported that Cruse Crew South Tyneside (a local bereavement charity) are once again                 looking to use the courts on 10th and 17th October from 6-7.15pm, with coaching/supervision                   provided by himself and Tracey. This was agreed by the committee.

7      Membership   

7.1   Membership for the new season beginning 1st September is currently 45.

                8      Health & Safety

8.1    Sport England sign recently broken and removed for safety reasons must be replaced under                    terms of the grant received – to be progressed by Dave.

8.2          Cleaning – ongoing issues to be taken up with Ian on his return.

                              Date of next meeting Tuesday 10th October at  7.15pm