Boldon Squash Club is a small but friendly club - we offer four courts 365 days of the year with bookings every 45 minutes, from early morning until late in the evening  and a well stocked bar. 

 Boldon Squash run internal leagues throughout the year, catering for all levels of squash.

 Boldon Squash have two main competitions during the squash season, a handicap in

November/ December and "The Club Championship" at the end of the season - April / May.

                                         Junior coaching @ Boldon Squash,

                               sessions are on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings

                                         run by two England Squash level 2 coaches.

 Boldon Squash is affiliated to England Squash which promotes Squash and Squash57 (racketball) through national campaigns. We are also part of the Northumbria Squash League where our teams compete.


Court Booking System


     All bookings can now be made and viewed                                       online


   follow this link:-        online booking

Why Choose Squash ?

Squash is the world’s healthiest sport

Squash is the world’s healthiest, most exciting sport.

Forbes Magazine concluded that squash was the world’s healthiest sport after a survey in 2007.

Squash doesn’t take very long to play but players burn lots of calories while playing, so it’s great for young people today who want to get fit in the shortest possible time.


Squash is played in 175 countries by over 20 million people. Every continent has recreational players and professionals. It is played by men and women, young and old, it’s easy to get started and the cost of equipment is low.


1/   Cardiorespiratory endurance              4.5        out of 5.0

2/   Muscular strength                               3.0        out of 5.0

3/   Muscular endurance                           5.0        out of 5.0

4/   Flexibility                                             3.0        out of 5.0

5/   Calories/30 minutes (517)                  5.0        out of 5.0

6/   Injury risk                                            2.0        out of 3.0

Overall score                          22.5        

  The top ten Sports

1  Squash 6  Basketball

2  Rowing                                              7  Cycling 

3  Rock climbing 8  Running

4  Swimming 9  Modern Pentathlon

5  Cross country skiing  10 Boxing

About us

Boldon Cricket & Squash Club is a members club, owned by its members, run and managed by volunteers.

The Squash section is a well established club dating back to 1973.

We are situated on the outskirts of East Boldon heading towards Sunderland.

Sunderland Road, East Boldon NE36 0BT

Tel : 0191 536 4180 club house

 Kev   -  mobile 07866 903364  -  Squash / Squash57 (Racketball) enquiries

Email : kev.astro@yahoo.co.uk